Equipment characteristics

Within operating practices of a power plant there is often the need to analyse equipment operation in exceptional conditions. In this case, economic calculations have been made based on a power plant (CHP plant) model. The model is based on the characteristics of individual facilities, and such characteristics may be provided by a specialised company.


At present a vast majority of power plants have a measurement data acquisition system where the process data is recorded. It can be used for independent identification of statistical characteristics of the equipment, which provides the possibility of continuous economic analysis of facility operation.



Program interface for identification of equipment characteristics


Tools based on an artificial neural network, among others, have been used for the identification of characteristics. This advanced identification technique enables the data to be analysed in detail at a future date and verified, but first and foremost it enables the result to be applied directly to other applications using the developed equipment characteristics. Approximating functions may be directly applied by, for example, using Microsoft Excel sheets.



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