Turbine start-up monitoring

The operator has access to the following components:


  • Turbine thermal restrictions containing start-up criteria
  • Restrictions related to the shut-off valve
  • HP internal body restrictions
  • HP external body restrictions
  • IP body restrictions
  • Special measurements (general abstract)
  • General measurements
  • Start-up conditions for the turbine



Operator's interface for turbine start-up



The eccentricity, axial shift, elongations, metal temperature and bearing vibrations are monitored.


Visualisation of the turbine-generator set bearing vibrations in the X-Y plane are presented by the graph as ellipses. The coloured surfaces enable the vibration levels to be quickly evaluated, along with the dynamics of their amplitude changes in relation to the currently applicable values.



Operator's interface for turbine start-up - vibrations, elongations, and axial shift



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