Heat accumulator

This application is intended for managing the CHP plant operation in order to provide:

  • Economic distribution of load to the heat generating units and the condensing turbine-generator set
  • Heat accumulation in an approach that ensures effective utilisation of fuel chemical energy



Graphic interface of the module

The application has the following built-in mechanisms:


  • Forecasting of demand for heat within the heating water
  • Forecasting of process steam demand
  • Forecasting of the power price sold in the Next Day Market
  • A mathematical model of CHP plant facilities containing their valid characteristics
  • A mathematical description of costs related to energy production and sales revenues
  • A program for the optimization of load distribution according to economic criterion
  • Forecasting power production for the following day
  • Determining the actual values of the set powers of generating units
  • Ensuring that CHP plant departments are coordinated in order to contract sales
  • Archiving of calculation results



A power production forecast on a selected day in the future
A heat accumulator utilization forecast

A power production forecast

Set value of gross power production per minute for one of the turbine-generator sets resulting from the economic load distribution



Graphic interface for configuring the CHP plant for the following days



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