Production accounts

This application is intended to supporting the balancing and accounting for heat and power production. It is used for generating reports that are ready for use for the Accounting Services in a CHP plant.


Reports generated in the system enable energy for the CHP plant auxiliaries to be accounted for, and they are used for settlements with contractual parties. The program enables reports that are required – for example for settlements with the Energy Regulatory Office – to be issued.


Additionally, Users may generate their own data sets by means of a simple form. This tool provides ease of use with regards to accounts and the controlling of production.


The calculations performed by the system meet the requirements of standards and recommendations as defined by the customer. They are based on procedures corresponding to the design and the adopted equipment balancing limit, and these procedures are adjusted to specific arrangement and requirements as required by the customer at each use.


An example of a graphic interface of the accounts program



The program enables any reports to be generated. For instance, reports for any given period of time can be prepared. Users may amend the data, add comments to reports, print reports directly from the application level, or copy whole data sets to other programs such as Microsoft Excel.


Any report produced may be assigned an "approved" status, after which it is archived and further manual changes in the report can no longer be included.


The program has built-in validation of input data. In the case of accounting meter failure, the application makes calculations using substitute calculation methods, thus providing continuity of reporting.


Input data with a low credibility index are properly marked, and the User is informed of this situation.


The application performs calculations for the whole CHP plant and for individual generating facilities as regards power and heat production, fuel consumption and technological and economic indicators. The graphic interface enables a specific report to be easily localised. Data in the program has been grouped by subject categories.


A selection of report categories (left hand but-tons) and the list of corresponding ready to use reports from a given group (right).



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