Start-up loss monitoring

The start-up loss module is a tool for systematic determination of the amount of energy loss and start-up costs incurred during the start-up cycle. This includes shut-downs, standstills and start-ups of power units. In addition, this module – which was based on collected historical data from previous start-ups - forms a start-up template for forecasting start-up loss quantities, and costs of a shut-down and any restarting of the unit that is planned for the future.


The module uses the direct method for determining energy losses. It archives power unit start-up parameters for various types of start-ups into a local database:


  • For cold, warm and hot start-ups (the determining factor is the turbine body temperature).
  • On the basis of certain algorithms the program also identifies the cases where the start-up process deviates from optimal conditions (emergency states).



Start-up loss monitoring



Calculations in the program are performed online. The program systematically monitors the operating status of power equipment, looking for characteristic stages of the start-up cycle (shut-down, standstill, start-up). The completion of each start-up is followed by calculations related to this start-up, along with an update of the forecast start-up loss template. To determine the specific state of the beginning and the end of any given unit start-up, the application performs detailed calculations for every start-up stage of the unit.



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