Program energy meters

The program meters are an application for recording production settlement parameters for which no physical measurement points have been installed.


It is often necessary to monitor individual production data for settlement or controlling needs. At the same time, for technical reasons, it may be impossible to install meters on site. In such circumstances the program meters may be applied. This application determines the required parameters based on available measurements, using mass and energy balances or indirect calculation methods.


To ensure continuity of such measurements in the event of failures, the program is installed at independent servers. The application has had the necessary protection programs installed that prohibits any interference in the program algorithms or in the results themselves, thus ensuring the security of calculations. The system may also use back-up measurements by automatically changing the calculation methodology in case of basic measurement failure. All information on the application operation is reported and recorded, and any information as regards incorrect measurements is sent by e-mail to the application administrator.


The program meters - table with data



Examples of parameters monitored by the program meters:


  • Coal allocation to individual boilers based on indications of the scales at the common conveyor belt
  • Allocation of heat production within heating water to individual units on the basis of measurements on the common heating mains
  • Heat production within process steam by individual units
  • Heat production within peak heat exchangers differentiated between heat produced by co-generation and beyond co-generation
  • Heat production from steam boilers



Program meters - graphic presentation of the parameters monitored



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